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Situated in Scotland, Dental Studios Scotland are dedicated to providing orthodontics and brace treatment for children and adults. As well as a busy NHS orthodontic service for patients aged 17 and under, we also offer a wide range of private services for patients of all ages.

All your treatment is performed in our modern clinic by a caring and friendly team of highly trained Orthodontic Specialists and Therapists, committed to creating your perfect smile.

About orthodontics

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with the growth and development of the teeth, jaws and the face. Braces are used to enhance facial appearance, straighten irregular teeth, correct problems with the bite and, of course, create a great smile!

Treatment options

Scotland Orthodontics offers private and NHS braces.

NHS treatment is available for eligible children and teenagers in Teesside under the age of 17. As with all orthodontic practices in the UK, NHS funded treatment is subject to meeting strict guidelines as to the severity of the problem (know as the IOTN). This will be assessed on the first visit and the rules explained as they affect you or you child.

Private treatment is available to patients of all ages regardless of severity. Private treatment gives you a much greater choice of braces as well as shorter waiting times and more flexible appointment scheduling. As a private patient you will receive comprehensive post-treatment care, including two-years of follow-up appointments with both fixed and removable retainers (as per clinical need).

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Our brace options for private patients

We pride ourselves on using the most advanced techniques and most discrete white/tooth-coloured and even invisible braces. These include the Invisalign® system of clear aligners and Incognito® lingual braces fitted behind the teeth.

At your first free, no-obligation consultation you will have a chance to look at and discuss all the available options with a Specialist Orthodontist who will help you decide what is going to work best for you.

Fixed Braces

These are small metal brackets stuck to the teeth, connected with a thin wire held in place with silver or coloured elastic loops.

Fixed appliances of all types are a fantastic way of straightening teeth for patients with problems from the most straightforward to very complex.

Fixed braces are available for private and NHS patients.

Self-ligating braces


Whereas a traditional fixed brace uses coloured elastic loops to attach the wire to the brackets (metal squares stuck to the teeth), a more modern self-ligating brace such as the Damon® or Empower® system uses a sophisticated metal clip removing the need for elastics altogether.

This means that brace adjustments are more efficient and there is no elastic to discolour, which can make the braces smaller and neater Whilst your treatment plan doesn’t change with a self-ligating brace, we find them a useful upgrade from a traditional brace and use them as our standard appliance for private patients.

White Fixed Braces

Tooth-coloured / white braces work in the same way as a metal alternative, but are made of an attractive ceramic material meaning they are much better looking.

At Dental Studio Scotland we use self-ligating white brackets which, as well as looking great, have reflective metal clips instead of elastic loops, which discolour over time, making the brace more visible and more attractive for patients who do not want a traditional brace.

It is now possible to fit reflective / aesthetic wires to match the great looking brackets.


The Invisalign® system is a series of bespoke, removable, thin and clear aligners that progressively straighten the teeth. There are no metal attachments or wires and each aligner is worn for two weeks, taken out only for eating and brushing. Many patients are familiar with Invisalign® from magazines and the TV and it is a great choice for milder problems with alignment or spacing of the teeth.

We offer the complete Invisalign® range of products: Invisalign Full®, Invisalign Lite®, i7®, Invisalign Teen® and Vivera Retainers®

Scotland Orthodontics are also founding members of The Invisible Orthodontic network and platinum providers of Invisalign.

Incognito Lingual Braces


Lingual braces are a fixed to the inside of the teeth making them virtually invisible and ideal for patients who want the ultimate no-compromise treatment. The Incognito® and Incognito Lite® systems are completely customised for you with bespoke brackets and wires to give the most comfort and best results.


Cost of braces

We understand that sometimes finances need to be managed. With this in mind we offer a comprehensive range of flexible payment options.

These include up to 12 months interest free or low cost finance (9.9% APR) for patients who want a longer repayment term.

Our Treatment Advisor Leanne will be happy to confidentially discuss finance options with you at your initial consultation and explain the options.

Free consultations

To help you make an informed decision about your orthodontic treatment, we are offering new patients a free consultation with our Specialist Orthodontist.

At this consultation you will receive a customised treatment plan with all your options and comprehensive costs.

Please call  Sinclair:0141 308 1027-Ayr: 01292 280323 – Carluke: 01555 750408 – Kilmarnock: 01563 521082 – Troon: 01292 315311 or use our Book a free consultation.


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