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With Dr Sheraz Shafiq, Implantologist
Dental Implants

A dental implant can be used as a long term alternative for natural missing teeth, or to anchor a denture onto allowing  a more secure, comfortable and natural looking fit. It has a metal screw or cylinder shaped rod, usually made from titanium or titanium alloy. Which is then anchored into the bone.


This procedure can be performed to replace  single or multiple teeth.  A crown or denture can then be placed securely over this component allowing a natural looking smile.

Meet Dr Sheraz Shafiq

Dr Sheraz Shafiq is regarded as one of Scotland's leading Dental Implantologists.

Dr Sheraz Shafiq graduated from the Glasgow Dental Hospital 2003 and thereafter undertook the General Professional Training (GPT) as a Senior House Offier in the Oral Surgery at Glasgow Dental Hospital, developing exceptional surgical skills and attending as Senior House Officer the Maxillo Facial Department in Southern General Hospital.

The Permanent Solution
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