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Ultrasonic scale & polish- From £30.00

An instrument sending out vibrations will be used to remove tartar from the surfaces of your teeth. This instrument emits water as a jet spray to increase the comfort level.  A machine polish is then used to give your teeth a clean and shiny appearance. Ideal for tartar removal and promotes gum health.


Air polishing/Cleansing- From £40.00

If staining is your problem, then this could be just for you.  A mixture of high-pressure warm air and polishing particles are used to remove surface staining, this is carried out by our dental hygienist and usually involves a single visit giving you quick results. This is

ideal for smokers and nicotine/tea/coffee staining.


Combination of 1 & 2 completed on the same visit-From £59.00

This treatment includes a mixture of ultrasonic stain removal and air polishing.  This is ideal for patients who perhaps have staining problems and would also like to keep their gums healthy.


Oral B 3D White Strips® –From £99.00

A unique and easy option for whitening your teeth at home; no impressions required which means you can start whitening straight away. 3D White Strips remove years of stains and provide better whitening than any toothpaste can and only takes one hour per day With the results lasting up to 12 months, your brilliantly whiter smile will dazzle time and time again. 3D White Strips are available exclusively via dental practitioners. Normally 4 shades whiter.


Professional Home Whitening Kit using Pola® Gel-From £250.00

A professional home whitening kit, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth using special putty. The impressions will then be sent to the dental lab where the technician will make your customized trays.  You will then attend a short appointment to have your trays fitted and the dentist will explain how to use the whitening gel. This treatment takes approximately 2 weeks of continued evening/night use to complete. Normally 4 shades whiter, our dentists recommendation.


Enlighten® Whitening Guaranteed shade White–From £595.00

This combination of home and in surgery power whitening is ideal for very dark teeth. This is the ultimate diamond standard of whitening as described with Professional Home Kit but with a few additions:

  • Phase of de sensitising toothpaste to use while your trays are being constructed.

  • After you have completed 2 weeks at home whitening you return for a one hour in surgery power whitening that gives instant final results.

  •  This option also includes a complimentary hygiene visit to remove tartar and staining between teeth for optimum gum health.

Normally 8 shades whiter and is ideal for people with dark teeth

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