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Pola Light Advanced Teeth Whitening

Pola Light Advanced Teeth Whitening

£198.00 Regular Price
£99.00Sale Price

Enjoy a brighter, more confident smile in 5 days.

Pola Light is an advanced tooth whitening system that uses Pola's award-winning whitening formula, with an LED mouthpiece, for a faster whitening treatment.

Your Pola Journey

1. Quick Visit into your local Dental Studio Scotland across Glasgow and the West of Scotland. We will assess your suitability quickly and talk through how to use the treatment tray and whitening gel. You'll be able to take away straight away.

2. At Home UseYou now use the Pola tooth whitening tray along with our specialist gel for 30 minutes each day (2x 15minute sittings).You'll begin seeing results within 5 days. In total you should see your teeth improve by at least 4 shades whiter.

  • Enjoy Whiter Teeth

    Pola whitening advanced formula is proven to remove hard 'rusted on' stains; and when combined with the customised tooth whitening trays they ensure your full tooth surface is whitened - from top to bottom.

  • White, Faster.

    The Pola formulation gives you whiter teeth, faster. Pola can be used from 20 minutes per day with visible results within 5 days - giving you a more confident and brighter smile much sooner than other over the counter solutions.

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