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0141 459 0999
Emergency Dental Care is here when you need it.
Dentist Appointment
We're here to help.

Glasgow Emergency Dentist is here round the clock to help to care of any dental pain. 


Whether you are having toothache, sensitivity or facial swelling; our expert dentists are ready to help you and alleviate your symptoms.


Our on-call dentists' main role is to provide immediate relief to dental pain, ensure that any affected teeth are stabilised to prevent further damage and provide temporary pain relief if necessary to give you time to seek further care for definitive treatment.


With a Glasgow clinic and years of experience across the West of Scotland with our parent dentist clinic group; we are ready to talk about your emergency dentist need and see you.

Speak directly to our Emergency Dentist now on 0141 459 0999

What to expect...

We are ready to provide a fast solution to your dental pain and you can rest in peace of mind that your dental emergency will be solved promptly and professionally.

If you are currently experiencing discomfort or pain, then call our Emergency Dentist line or complete the below form and one of our team will contact you straight away to help resolve your dental discomfort or pain all together.

Our Emergency Dentists will carry out a dental assessment and any investigation to get to the root of the problem, once diagnosed they will immediately begin treatment to alleviate your pain or discomfort.

Our 3 Point Promise to you

Provide immediate relief of dental discomfort or pain

Ensure the affected teeth, area and tissue is secured to prevent any further damage

Provide temporary pain relief; giving you further time to seek definitive options if needed.

Trust & Integrity with our Emergency Dental Team

Say Goodbye to Pain now.

Call our Emergency Dentist on 0141 459 0999 for immediate dental advice out of hours including an out of hours appointment in the evening/ at night or complete the below form and our team will contact you to arrange an appointment the next day day.

A member of our team will be in contact shortly. For immediate care you should call 141 459 0999.

Speak directly to our Emergency Dentist now on 0141 459 0999
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